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at▓hy with each other for the for●mation of a university esprit de corps Mo●st certainly.The common suf▓fering, the fact that they are forbidden to tak●e open part in politics draw them tog▓ether.Where in


other places rivalries and ●differences of opinion occasion ▓dissensions, here there is to be found onl●y one solid whole—oppression is the firm cem▓ent.And only in this way is it pos▓sible to make some resistance to the absolu▓tis

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m of the police.In open resistance we are ▓quite weak, yes, even defenceless, a


gainst t▓he brutality of the régime, but in passive resi●stance we are almost unconquerable because● o

f our close contact with each oth●er. Ah! And so h

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